Pricing + Services



PRICES VARY according to the scope of your project.

Are you a school or community program creating a professional development opportunity for your teachers and artists? Need inspiration for the classroom? Looking to update and invigorate your arts, shop, home economics curriculum?

Interested in displaying art in your office spaces? Or, hiring an installation artist for an event? Our aesthetic is rooted in contemporary art and design and an appreciation for conversation pieces. We work directly with artists to curate artworks and facilitate guest artist talks and socials.  

Ask us about artist driven team building exercises and creative activities you can use to engage your audience.

Designing a classroom, studio, exhibition and/or event space for your residential or business complex? We can advise on how to elevate works on view and consider room for retail, parties and events.

Arts organizations looking for ideas to expand your charitable and educational programming? Want to book a brainstorming session for grant proposals? Our artists and arts educators are loaded with ideas and inspiration based on a variety of studio practices, as well as their knowledge and expertise.   

Are you an Architect, Advertiser, Graphic Designer, a Scientist or a ____________, interested in artists’ perspective? Want to collaborate or share ideas on your design or research projects?

 Or, are you a Film Maker or Fashion Designer interested in art inspired production design for your project, exhibition or product line?­­­­

Contact us to learn more. We offer an initial, free consultation. If we sound like the right fit for your project, we will provide a project proposal to include timeline and fee estimates. Proprietary and copyright restrictions may apply.